PRO RIG - Andreas Raelert's BMC TM01
images by Nick Salazar
Oct 7, 2011  hits 203,763

Raelert wears a Giro Selector lid and Oakley Radar XL lenses.
Raelert wears a Giro Selector lid and Oakley Radar XL lenses.

TriRig's exclusive gallery of Andreas Raelert's BMC TM01 race bike. Andreas was exceptionally kind, and let us in on his final pre-race ride just before checking his bike into transition. Most athletes don't want to be bothered at all on race day, let alone interviewed a pesky journalist. But Raelert, who broke the Iron-distance all-time World Record earlier this year, is of the kindest, most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. But on race day, watch for the gloves to come off - he will give no quarter when tearing up the course in Kona, looking for a World Championship title in Hawaii.

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  • Andreas Raelert's BMC TM01 is among the slickest-looking rides in Kona.  His is VERY svelte indeed - just two bottle cages and an SRM adorn the otherwise stock bike.
  • Raelert is running Shimano C75 wheels, front and bac.
  • The BMC head tube is decidedly narrow, and the front profile is completely devoid of cables - JUST how I like it.
  • Raelert's frame is adorned with some custom paint for the world record holder.
  • BMC just does so much right with the bike, including this gorgeous nude carbon finish.
  • Raelert's seat tube gets the same branding as his top tube.
  • Fizik makes a little stick-on grip for their saddles which Andreas will be using to reduce the feeling that you're slipping forward, as he puts it.
  • The TM01 front end uses any standard aerobar, and a unique system of spacers to adjust fit without sacrificing aerodynamics.
  • For training days, Andreas has this extra tall bottle.
  • Narrowly-spaced shifters ... BTA bottle on the bars ... this bike is TriRig approved!
  • Raelert's SRM head unit actually sits under the bars, to get out of the way of his bottle, yet still visible while riding.
  • Raelert looks relaxed and confident just a day before the big race.
  • He's been thinking about this day all year, and now it's time to see whether Andreas Raelert can improve on his second-place from last year.
  • Raelert wears a Giro Selector lid and Oakley Radar XL lenses.
  • Andreas Raelert looks like a bullet on the bicycle.
  • Read the article for an exclusive interview with Andreas Raelert during his final pre-race ride.
  • I really have to thank the champ - he was all smiles even though I interrupted up his final pre-race ride.

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