FIRST LOOK - 3T Ventus II Aerobar
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The 3T Ventus II Aerobar
The 3T Ventus II Aerobar

A couple years ago, 3T's well-loved Ventus aerobar was declared illegal for road events (but still perfectly OK for triathlon). Despite what would normally be a product-killer, the Ventus has continued to thrive, and now 3T has released a successor to the bar, the Ventus II, just for triathletes. Updates include more drop, Di2 compatibility, and all-carbon construction.

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  • The Ventus II is super slick, but has a tad more drop than I like.
  • The new Ventus doesn't have integrated brake levers, so it's Di2 ready.
  • Like its predecessor, the Ventus has pretty minimal extension hardware, which is both clean and relatively easy to adjust.
  • The expanded cable ports in the back suggest Di2-readiness.
  • The underside of the bar is super clean - no cables or stem hardware.
  • The Ventus II extension hardware is even clean from the underside, just like the orginal Ventus.
  • The 3T Ventus II Aerobar
  • The 3T Ventus II Aerobar - no pricing or availability info yet.

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