VIDEO Review - Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Trainer
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The Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Trainer
The Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Trainer

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  • The Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Trainer
  • Like any other bike trainer, the Kurt Kinetic grabs your rear wheel and provides resistance with a roller.
  • The heart of the Rock And Roll mechanism is this set of elastomers that float the trainer.  The bolts on top can be tightened, to decrease the amount of float.
  • The Turntable Riser is a way to add a bit more instability to the trainer and increase the difficulty.
  • This is Kurt's top-of-the-line fluid resistance unit, which they've been making for many years on their Road Machine trainer.  It's the best fluid resistance unit out there, and the magnetically-coupled chambers will never leak.
  • The simple lever locks your wheel in place.  The non-drive side has an all-thread rod that lets you adjust the width for your bike.
  • Kurt's great fluid resistance unit and large flywheel make for a very smooth pedaling experience.
  • Another shot of the business end of the trainer.
  • The Rock and Roll is much bigger and heavier than standard trainers, so keep that in mind if you have strict space constraints.
  • The Rock And Roll nearly swallows up standard-sized trainers.
  • Besides its large footprint and rocking mechanism, the Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll is mechanically very similar to the trainers that have been on the market for many years.  It's a product whose innovations are built on top of a very solid background.

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