Lighten Up - Saddle
images by Nick Salazar
Mar 7, 2011  hits 37,322

Just gorgeous, isn't it?
Just gorgeous, isn't it?

We took an Adamo Breakaway, one of our favorite triathlon saddles, and took it to the extremes of light weight by molding the whole thing in carbon fiber. It now tips the scales at just 76 grams, and is as comfy as ever. Want to see it mounted up on our light weight tri bike? Well then, stay tuned.

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  • There's something undeniably cool about a carbon saddle, but if you're gonna go that extreme, you'd better be on a saddle whose shape is right for you.
  • Four layers of 3K weave yielded the lightest split-nose saddle anywhere.
  • Sure, the finish is a bit rough, but it's beauty is in its lightweight elegance and flawless function.
  • A thin layer of dense foam padding, and this saddle is good to go for miles and miles.
  • Just gorgeous, isn't it?
  • We joined the saddle at the front for durability, but it still maintains the same contact points that make this design so usable.

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