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The custom shifters are minimal, elegant, and light
The custom shifters are minimal, elegant, and light

Welcome to the Lighten Up series. In the coming months, we will be publishing a collection of articles demonstrating that an aerodynamically-minded triathlon bike doesn't have to be a heavyweight. We're starting with a custom front-end aerobar setup coming in at just 510g for bars, shifters, and brake levers. And it has a tiny frontal profile to match.

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  • At just 501g complete, this might be the lightest fully-equipped triathlon front end ever made.
  • The custom shifters are minimal, elegant, and light
  • We manufactured a bit of custom hardware to mount the downtube shifters to the aero extensions.
  • Altering the shape of a boded extension is actually a relatively easy bit of fabrication.
  • In the end, we settled on something that looks like a Felt F-bend.

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