VIDEO Review - Zipp Firecrest
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Firecrest keeps the trademark Zipp dimple pattern.
Firecrest keeps the trademark Zipp dimple pattern.

We're taking our first look at Zipp's new Firecrest line. We have both the 404 clinchers (pictured here), and the 808 clinchers mounted up and being ridden for review. But we couldn't rob you of some of the details before we get to our in-depth review of the wheels. So before laying down rim tape and pumping up the tires, we thought we'd take a look at the construction details, and examine everything we could before finally putting in the miles.

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  • The workmanship of the carbon fiber is superb.  Even the interior surface is finished with a perfect 3k weave.
  • The sidewall, which may appear to be fairly flat, actually has some subtle curves which Zipp says helps with the aerodynamics.
  • Zipp laces the new Firecrest rims to their own proprietary hubs, which are light, functional, and user-serviceable.
  • That Zipp logo is actually embossed into the shape of the rim - pretty slick.
  • Any way you slice it, this is a good-looking set of wheels.
  • The 404 rim shown here is 58mm deep, while the 808 (not pictured) is 82mm deep.
  • Zipp uses a 16h/20h lacing pattern for its standard wheelset.
  • The deep channel of the rim actually makes it easier to get tires on and off.
  • Here's the front hub, and the hex bolt that allows access to the internals.
  • Firecrest keeps the trademark Zipp dimple pattern.

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