PRO RIG - Joanna Lawn's Cervelo P4
Sep 10, 2010  hits 57,228

Lawn getting fit at sponsor Retul.
Lawn getting fit at sponsor Retul.

The New Zealand star rides a Cervelo P4, tricked out with some primo gear, and a ladybug to boot.

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  • Jo Lawn uses her P4 bottle as a gear box.
  • Lawn uses a single Zero G brake on the front, since the P4 has an integrated rear brake.
  • Saddle duties go to the Adamo Race model.
  • Maybe the cutest adornment we've seen yet, Lawn has a tiny little ladybug on her top tube.
  • Lawn getting fit at sponsor Retul.
  • Lawn cranks away with a Dura Ace SRM, with Rotor Q-rings.
  • Cervelo's flagship TT bike is stealthy - we're suckers for black bikes.
  • Lawn powering away on the P4

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