Epix pt 3 - Airflow Suit
images by Nick Salazar
Oct 23, 2010  hits 31,026

The design kinda looks like the scuba diving flag.
The design kinda looks like the scuba diving flag.

Our third review of the Epix line of one-piece triathlon suits, this one is their upgraded Airflow suit which has a nicer chamois than their regular suit, and slightly nicer fabric. The upside is that it still has great lines, and a very comfortable cut. Epix is doing good things with their line, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

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  • The 2010 suit features an understated design with just a bit of color.
  • The design kinda looks like the scuba diving flag.
  • We like the minimal black design, and for 2011 Epix will upgrade this fabric with the new Coldback technology seen in other high-end suits.
  • There are mesh pockets at the bottom of each leg.  The mesh supposedly helps minimize drag in the water, if you're swimming sans wetsuit.
  • There's only one pocket in the back, featuring a zipper closure and mesh design.
  • One minor gripe about this suit is that the fabric information is visible through this thin red panel.

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