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PRO RIG - Kirk Nelson's LOOK 596
Jul 17, 2010  hits 47,273

Kirk's pointy front-end.
Kirk's pointy front-end.

A detailed look at pro triathlete Kirk Nelson's racing setup.

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  • Nelson is very meticulous about equipment choice, and it shows.
  • VukaShift + VukaR2C = one very bling front-end.
  • Despite the rest of his very high-tech setup, Nelson keeps his PowerTap computer affixed to the bike with two simple zip ties.
  • Nelson is using Adamo's new Podium saddle, a choice becoming more popular among the pros.
  • Kirk's name badge is placed right at the kink in the 596's top tube, making for a unique-looking decal.
  • Rotor Q-rings adorn the ZED crank...
  • ...and that's right, Nelson runs a 55t chainring.
  • Kirk's pointy front-end.
  • The Zipp wheels get the dimpled Tangente tires.
  • Braking duties are given to SRAM's trusty RED brake.
  • Kirk Nelson with his LOOK 596.

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