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Justin Mac's Trinity Advanced SL
Jul 15, 2010  hits 14,256

  • Giant Trinity Advanced SL
  • Integrated Aerobars
  • Zipp 808 + Sub-9 Disc
  • Prologo TT Saddle
  • SRAM Red Gruppo
Justin Maciekowicz rides the new Giant Trinity Advanced SL.

There's been a recent trend among the new so-called "superbikes" coming out for the tri market: they're too fast for the UCI pro peleton. All the better for triathletes, who aren't bound by UCI rules in most cases. One such bike is the Giant Trinity Advanced SL, which was originally released with a large frontal nosecone, which hides the cables and shields the front brake.

Subsequent versions have eliminated the nosecone because the UCI declared it illegal for road competition, but Giant has been selling the first version of the bike, with the faster nosecone design. Justin Maciekowicz got his hands on one of these bikes, pictured above.

What the rider says:

"I bought this frame because of the bike's geometry. On my previous bike, which had a standard stem and frame, I had to use a stem with negative rise to achieve my position. The Trinity allows my front end to get as low as I need it naturally, without a gimmick stem."

"I picked SRAM Red for crisp shifting, the Zipp wheels for their superb aerodynamics, and the Prologo Nago because it's one of the most narrow TT-specific saddles on the market."

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